Church Wedding in Lompoc

Briana & Zach’s Love Story

Both Briana and Zach have roughly the same perspective on how things went down…

This young love all started in the beginning of their high school years. Briana and her family were traveling back home to California from a family vacation in Florida. The real story begins when Briana finds out that her parents had some friends in Texas that they wanted to meet up with.

Of course these friends had kids who were all the same ages as Briana and her siblings. Briana didn’t have much of a choice in going to the restaurant, but I believe I can speak for her by saying ‘it was meant to be.’

That same evening, Zach recalls coming home from school and being told that he had to get ready. He and his family were about to head out and meet some friends (aka Brianas’ family). He was really excited because he got to wear his new cowboy boots and cowboy hat. He was feeling real good about meeting these people, because he knew he was looking fine! Although, Zach isn’t sure if he ever said one word towards Briana during dinner. What he does remember is speaking to her brother about video games and fighting his cousin over his queso that she kept steeling.

Zach also recalls making sure to get Briana’s phone number, which happened to be a shared phone between her and her brother. He wanted to keep in touch with her brother, but the exact opposite happened. You guessed it, Briana and Zach hit it off and had countless of sleepless nights. Texting each other late into the night about everything. Simply getting to know each other and becoming friends.

Zach says that he didn’t realize how much he cared for Briana until he was chatting her up with some of his buds. He realized that most guys don’t stay up to 2-3am talking to a girl every night to just be “friends”. He then realized, a year after meeting her that evening at the restaurant, that he had always been attracted to her.

“I realized that you were sweet, and kind, and beautiful and I was sitting over here like an idiot doing nothing about it.” – Zach

Briana also realized that she liked Zach. When she finally came around to telling Zach, his answer was “well it’s about time!”

Five years later and they have grown so much. They said it wasn’t easy being long distance, but they are also thankful for their growth and the beautiful relationship that has blossomed from everything. Now they have these beautiful memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Favorite Things

Wow, there is so much to talk about. This wedding was a blessing. The family had love for one another like no other. Their humor was hilarious and the giggles were non-stop. It was a day that will always be remembered by both myself and their entire family.

To be apart of this day was a blessing. To meet Bishop Rose before he passed melted my heart. He was kind, gentle and very sarcastic. I was asked to take photos of him while he was given his boutonnière and he said “If we take any longer I may as well die right now,” with a giggle following his statement. Later during family formals Brianna gave him a kiss on his cheek, he then turned to Zach and said “Why didn’t you kiss me?” Again he giggled at his joke. What a joy it was to know him for the short time that I was given.

One of the best parts of this day was when I arrived at the girls house to capture their getting ready photos. Briana has two sisters, and one sister in law, and a best-friend. So when I arrived it was five giddy girls running around in their robes as they did their hair and prepped for the day. It reminded me of growing up with my three sisters. These five girls chattered and chattered, just like us girls do. They poked fun at every chance they could, and the laughs never came to an end.

Lastly, was the sparkler exit. This, in my opinion, was the most beautiful part of the day. The excitement on Brianna and Zach’s face and the tears falling down mamas face. This was so precious to me. Showing all the emotions wrapped up at the exit of their beautiful day.

Note to Couple

Briana and Zach,

what a joy it has been working with you two. You were so prompt, professional, and lovely to work with. But, that wasn’t all. You kept me updated and posted on changes. I never once had to check in with you because you were so on top of your wedding planning. You are every vendors dream client. Thank you for being such a blessing!

Now to your beautiful wedding day! Let’s just say I wasn’t able to hold back my tears. You two were meant for each other. Your vows were so heartfelt. But not only did you bring the sentiment you also brought the laughter. From the constant pranks to the continuous giving you day was filled with beautiful emotions.

Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments, for trusting me and for opening up to me. I pray for your future endeavors. Stay safe out there. This first year together may be rough, but heck, marriage was never said to be easy! BUT, It is so worth it!

Congratulations to you two! Happy Honeymooning!

With love – Alyssa Flores


Photographer: @AlyssaBrookeFlores, Venue: The First Apostolic Church of Lompoc, Florist: Bella Florist and gifts, Bridal Dress: @Davidsbridal, Bridal Dress Designer: @OlegCassiniAU, Catering: @florianos805, Groom & Groomsmen attire: @tuxrentals, Invitations: @vistaprint, Cake stand & Centerpieces: Get er Done Decor and More, Metal Heart Signs: Wine Country Furnishings.
Transportation: @goldenroostersb