Elopement At Margo Dodd Park – Shell Beach

Jackie and Amol’s Love Story

This beautiful couple was a gift to photograph! They met each other while attending a wedding in Cancun. Jackie was a bridesmaid and Amol was a groomsman. I’ve heard, the more weddings you attend the more chances of meeting your significant other! Well… Jackie and Amol are starting to prove that theory correct.

The wedding was amazing, but ended all too quickly. At least they swapped contact information! Although they went their separate ways and lived their usual daily lives, they talked EVERY day after the Cancun wedding.

Long story short, they became an unbreakable pair.

Jackie was living in Washington DC, while Amol was living in California. Their chances of spending physical time together was very rare. Although they made every effort to see each other. They continuously traveled back and forth to spend that time together. Until finally they decided to move Jackie to California.

This adventurous couple traveled everywhere! They hiked every trail under the moon, drove miles upon miles. While also stopping at every sight to see the beautiful different views. They are the kind of couple that strives to take in every breath of fresh air, and watch every sunset together.

Amol, decided this was who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with! So he planned to take Jackie to her favorite beach, he planned to get down on one knee and ask her to be his forever. The plan went so perfectly that Jackie immediately said “YES!!”

They are now legally married, and excited to celebrate their official wedding in the comming months.

Most of all they look forward to going through the rest of life’s adventures together, as a married couple!

Note to the beautiful couple!

Thank you, thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful day. You were such a treasure. Your family was so sweet! The excitement and the passion between the two of you had me in tears!

I hope for a beautiful future, you mentioned you wanted kids and to grow your family…

I hope that as your family grows, that your excitement for life continuously grows and passes onto your children. Because we need more people like you in this world. One of the biggest blessings that I got to witness on this day was the powerful support you had from your family. They traveled from all over the world to watch you two tie the knot. That is something so rare these days. Don’t forget to turn to them in times of need. This marriage is nothing short of a gift.

You two are such a beautiful couple, with an amazing family. You two can take on the world! I hope the best for you!

With love – Alyssa Flores


Photographer: AlyssaFloresPhoto.com Venue: Margo Dodd Park Shell Beach California