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It's the details that make the day. From the ribbon that ties your invitations, to the rings that symbolize your marriage and love for one another. There is so much thought, time and money that goes into every element of your day. 

it's all in the details


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Hands down Alyssa goes above and beyond, from initial communications, to answering any questions you may have throughout the process, beautiful engagement photos that helped to understand the process and her technique that makes the special day even that much more special. The quality of the pictures, warmth in the photos and the emotion she captured leaves me speechless and grateful we were fortunate enough to have had her as our photographer. We couldn't be happier and a smile comes to our face every time we look at our photos of our wedding day. Endless appreciation to Alyssa and cannot recommend her enough to anyone that is looking for the memories captured beautifully epic photos!

She goes above and beyond

I don't even know where to start in expressing how amazing Alyssa is. She is such a gem, a true artist. She brought such joy to our wedding day. Not only did she capture everything beyond beautifully, but she added magic to our day by creating experiences for us throughout the day while also encouraging us to express ourselves. She helped us all let our guard down and be comfortable in ourselves and it translated into how much we enjoyed the entirety of our day. She was there to capture every authentic moment - subtly prompting in the moments she needed to and shifting into the background at others. To the point where I would describe her as the most important person there that day but also sometimes I didn't even notice she was there (in the best way possible). She has a sixth sense about reading people and feeling out the vibe of the event and translating that into the art she creates. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of our wedding and we can't stop looking at the beautiful moments she captured. She was also so helpful in the lead up and was a go to resource during planning - always super responsive and had great advice and referrals.

A True Artist

I think Alyssa was meant to be our photographer for our wedding. From the first phone call I knew she was the person I wanted to take our pictures. She is so friendly, positive, and passionate. She truly made taking pictures so much fun and she went above and beyond to create pictures that will last me and my husband a lifetime. I told my husband that I can't believe these are the pictures we get to show our kids someday! Alyssa is someone that genuinely cares about her clients so don't hesitate in picking her if you're trying to decide on the perfect photographer.
-Kelly & Zach

She genuinely cares...

Alyssa is amazing! I had both my engagement pictures and wedding pictures taken by her. It was like having a friend with us. The pictures are amazing and she was so flexible, fun, and helped make the day go by so smoothly!
I love Alyssa's photography style. She has so many great suggestions on things to do that end up looking great in pictures! The best part is that she makes it so fun! She really took her time to get to know us and understand the style we were looking for. As others mention, she does everything possible to get the perfect shot!
Let's start with the engagement shoot.We wanted unique pictures that didn't look staged and she totally captured it. I was also debating between beach and woodsy background and she was able to find a location where we could have both!!! Talk about going above and beyond. My now husband who isn't into taking pictures had so much fun and this session made him change his mind. He actually looked forward to the wedding shoot and I repeat, He's not much of a picture person!
The day of the wedding, I changed the location on Alyssa and she was so flexible! I had initially thought we would take the pictures at the hotel but that didn't work out. She was so punctual to everything and made sure we got the shots we wanted. She even helped when the dress zipper was malfunctioning! After the house, I suggested going to a park and then changed the location on her. Again, super friendly and flexible she happily went to the new location. At the restaurant she was so helpful. She helped me check-in with the restaurant staff. We had a small group but this is another example of her going above and beyond. I highly recommend Alyssa for any photography needs! The pictures are great quality and unique and she's an amazing person to work with. I have been getting so many compliments on the pictures.
- Roxanna & Juan

She makes it so fun!!

First of all if you are even thinking about booking with Alyssa Flores just do it! I chose Alyssa to photograph my husband and my engagement shoot and wedding. Looking at multiple photographers on the central coast and seeing Alyssa's wonderful work made it an easy choice. Alyssa is super professional and so down to earth. She worked with me as much as possible through the stressful time of wedding planning and was always understanding. Alyssa caught every moment perfectly, looking at our photos makes us smile! I will be going to Alyssa for future sessions.
- Alysa & Alex

Just book her!

I don't even know where to begin! Alyssa is so so sweet and such an amazing photographer and a literal artist! She captured our wedding in such a beautiful way and I will treasure the memories and pictures for the rest of my life. She was so sweet and thoughtful about everything she did. I emailed a lot of photographers in the beginning and she was the only one we actually had a meeting with and we knew as soon as we met that we wanted to go with her!! She just seemed to fit with our vision perfectly!

My Pastor of 22 years was able to marry us and he passed away 2 days after the wedding. When Alyssa heard she edited and sent me a bunch of pictures of himand us at our wedding and it was so precious to us and so thoughtful.

Alyssa not only rolled with our every request she also was quick to help us prank my husband twice during the wedding and help me climb over a fence and sand dune in my big fluffy dress and proceeded to almost lay in the sand to get the perfect shot of us.

Her second shooter Anna was also fantastic and amazing! She came to our rescue with drinks during all our family portraits and was a literal hero!

I will forever recommend Alyssa and her awesome team for any event or life memory you want to capture!
- Bri & Zach

She fit our vision perfectly

My fiancé and I had such an amazing time during our engagement session with Alyssa! I know Alyssa (and her adorable kiddos!) more personally and she is so genuine and incredibly generous. John, my fiancé, told me that she made it so natural, comfortable, and fun and I couldn't agree more!
If you ever get the chance to hop into the ocean during a photoshoot with Alyssa- take it! John was all for it were as I felt more hesitant, but I went with it and I'm so so happy I did. The pictures are so incredibly stunning (both in the ocean and out)!
I cannot wait to have her do our wedding. John and I are so reassured to have her capture our big day! Not only is the quality of her work amazing, but Alyssa is amazing to work with as well :)
(It's so hard to pick the favorites, each photo is so beautiful, I cannot stop looking at them!)
- Evangeline & John

The pictures are so incredible...

Yes, I do travel. All travel cost are based on where your wedding will be held. I do my research on the travel fees (travel, hotel, rental car) I then invoice you separately from the wedding collection. When flights, hotels, and cars are booked I will either pay the extra charges out of pocket or refund you if the bookings were bought at a cheaper price.

Do you travel?

Once your images are complete they are available through an online gallery. I will email you the link, you can bookmark the page, and you will have access to those images for 1 year. You can always pay the re-upload fee to have the chance to re-download your images if for some reason they were not downloaded in the first year.

How are the images delivered?

I guarantee to deliver 75-100 images per hour. For a full 8-10hr day you are guaranteed to receive 600-750 images.

How many images do you deliver?

Having a second photographer depends on the collection you booked. Wile some of the collections do come with a second photographer, you are always welcome to add additional photographers to your collection. I like to customize a collection that fits your needs and if that requires a second photographer, then let's do it!

Will there be a second photographer?


With every collection I deliver images within 30-days! Thats right, only four weeks. I work hard and tirelessly to to perfect your images, to stay true to my style, and deliver flawless images.

What is your turnaround time?

I shoot with Canons digital mirrorless camera line. These cameras produces the sharpest images. They are so accurate and precise that I can be fast and efficient without the need to take multiple shots. I am also using Canons top of the line lenses to enhance the quality, along with their flashes.

What equipment do you use?

I backup your images a total of 5 times. There is no chance of your images going missing, and a corrupt card also wont be an issue.
During the wedding day I am shooting each image to two SD cards. This is so I have an immediate backup of all your photos if anything were to happen to a card. Immediately after shooting your wedding I back up al photos to an external hard drive, which is than backed up to the mother board of har drives. Both Hard drives are backed up to the cloud. I have all your images on. SD cards, Hard drives, and also to a cloud services. Your images are in great hands and will never go missing.

What is your backup process?

I would say that my style is moody. I am a warm and earthy editor. While also posing my couples with prompts rather than strict poses to achieve the natural lifestyle imagery that I aim for.

How would you describe your style?


If you are ready to have fun. Not only will you want to get adventurous with your session, but you're not afraid to have fun, and laugh a lot.

if you are IN-LOVE with your fiancé. I am here to capture those sweet moments that you have with each other. Those moments aren't posed, I lead with prompts in order to capture those intimate candid shots you dream of.

If you are into a warm, earthy, and moody vibe. While I bring out the joy in every photo through my warm style I also bring the emotions with the edginess to my style.

We're a good fit if you are...

Now it is time to start going through your bridal guide. I offer both a digital and physical copy once booked with me. I also guide you along the way with helpful tips and a tentative photography timeline.


Once the proposal is recieved you may view the agreements, sign the digital document, and pay your 50% retainer. Your date is now saved, and now onto the fun stuff!

Sign & pay retainer

As you may know, I value relationships. It is so important for me to chat with my clients and get to know them a bit. I want to get to know you a bit and allow you the chance to get to know me. If we feel we are a great fit I will offer you a proposal and you're onto the next step.

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Your digital gallery is delivered within 30 days. Shortly after your album design will be sent your way for any customizations. Within the matter of weeks your months of planning is now complete, captured and printed in a gorgeous Heirloom Album. 

The day has finally come. All you need to do is relax, have fun and get ready to celebrate your marriage. 

Album Delivered


I believe that marriage is an investment, as is your wedding day. It's the day it all begins. It's the day you will cherish for a lifetime. While also being able to relive your story with friends and family through your heirloom album, and the pictures framed around your home.

This is why I have curated collections that ensure your day is captured with excellence, beauty, and a warm and moody elegance. So that you may enjoy the memories of your day countless times.

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I can't wait to learn more about your wedding or event!

Thank you so much for considering me to capture these milestones. I am so excited to get to know you and your loved ones as we create an experience and capture these memories. Please know that I value relationships above all, and that I come as a friend not only as a contracted vendor.