Magaraci Wedding!

Hello Friends and Family!

I am so excited to start this journey, this lifestyle, this career. For years I have been so passionate about photography. It all started out while I was sitting on my aunts couch. I mentioned I “liked” photography, but never actually understood what that all entailed.

Funny enough, my aunt was a photographer and was currently shooting weddings. As she was talking about the weddings she was working on she decided to show me some of the simple functions of a camera. I can remember practicing my camera settings by taking pictures of the ceiling fan. She seems to claim that she wasn’t my inspiration but when I look back and think of the things that inspired me to chase this new found dream of photography it all leads back to her.

I shot my first wedding in 2013. In 2014-2016 I was constantly shooting senior, couples, and family sessions. In 2015 I had attended Brooks Institute School of Photography. This is where I learned the technicals of what photography was and I also learned the business aspect of the photography industry.

Since then I have been continuously practicing and finding my specific style. I have landed my style and opened business in late September of 2020.

I wasn’t ready to start a business I claimed that I wasn’t good enough, didn’t know enough, and so much more negative thoughts. Well, that is where this wedding came into play. I wasn’t currently shooting, but a friend of mine offered me an opportunity to get off my butt and build my portfolio.

So here is to this legacy couple, who will always be remembered as the wedding that has turned me into a successful business owner.

Due to Covid-19, many weddings this year have been canceled or last minute. And most have been very different than the bride and groom had originally planned. No matter how short of a notice I was given for this wedding I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of this beautiful day and that it has started my dream career!