Picture Perfect Wedding Itinerary!

Have you stressed yourself out trying to figure out your Itinerary? Or maybe you’ve been talking to vendors and giving a rough estimate on what you want your wedding day itinerary to look like… but, in reality you have no idea how long certain things will take, or if you’ve left out important details.

Did you remember to put in extra time for your father daughter first look? or the detail photos to capture the items you poured your money and time into.

Girl, I am here for you! I’ve got you covered, I have two different timelines in regards to different types of images and events that you are hoping for with an a la carte option of events with a rough estimate of how long each event will take.

A few things to brainstorm prior to finalizing your itinerary:

  • Are you hoping for first look pictures??
    • First look with your father
    • First look with you bridesmaids
    • First look with your groom
  • How long will your ceremony take?
  • Don’t forget about family pictures after the ceremony
  • Most importantly, make sure to make time for those dreamy sunset portraits of you and your groom. These are the pictures to be mounted on every wall! You want to make sure there is time carved out so that your wedding day is seamless!
  • Are you wanting send-off pictures?

Here are those two timelines that will help you create your own!

Without a first look:
2:00 – Photographers Arrive – Details
3:00 – Bride gets into dress
3:30 – Bride + Bridesmaids Photos
4:00 – Groom + Groomsmen Photos
4:30 – Conclude Portraits
5:30 – Ceremony Starts
6:00 – Ceremony Ends / Family Photos / Full Bridal Party / Bride & Groom Photos
7:00 – Reception Begins: Introductions
7:15 – Dinner is served

With a first look:
1:30 – Photographers Arrive – Details
2:30 – Bride gets into dress
3:00 – First Look
3:30 – Bride & Groom Photos
4:00 – Bridal Party Photos
4:30 – Conclude Portraits
5:30 – Ceremony Starts
6:00 – Ceremony Ends / Family Photos / Enjoy cocktail hour
7:00 – Reception Begins: Introductions
7:15 – Dinner is served

A la carte – This is approximate times for certain images you are hoping for. As far as my wedding packages I always have a second shooter so most things can be overlapped. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions you may have.

  • Detail shots (dress, invitations, accessories that will be worn by both bride and groom) = 45min
  • Getting ready of both bride and groom = 1hr
  • Bride getting in dress, First look with Bridesmaids & Father = 30min
  • Bride + Bridesmaid portraits = 30min
  • Groom + Groomsmen portraits = 30min
  • Time in between getting ready and ceremony for photographer = apx. 45min – 1hr
  • Ceremony (this is an average time, many religious ceremonies will last longer, make sure to figure this out with your officiant) = apx. 30min
  • Sunset Portraits = 20min

Again these are just approximate times. Feel free to chat with me more if you need help with your timeline making sure you are able to get all the images you hope for. You can always ask your DJ for some more advice on specific times in regards to the reception. If I (as your photographer) is scheduled to leave shortly after the ceremony make sure to plan time for a mock send off, and to fit any events in before I leave.

I am so excited for your big day!!!