To the Groom and his Men!

Heyo Guys! Today I wanted to write to you specifically.

To the Groom: you have probably been right in the midst of the stress of wedding planning. Or you have been the shoulder that your bride has leaned on to wipe her tears. There is A LOT that goes into a wedding. Big or small there are so many details, so many choices, and the pressure of this being the “best day of your life.” Don’t get me wrong, this will be the best day of you life. But, at the end of the day those little details won’t be remembered. What will be remembered is the rings on your fingers that symbolize your commitment towards each other. Most importantly what will be remembered is the sole fact that you said “Yes!” to forever.

So a tip to you, Grooms, be there for her! Hold her hand through this planning process. Be patient with her, ask what you can help with. If you need every step written out then ask for that list from your bride. Bring her chocolate, bring her flowers. Lift her up in some way during this time. Don’t forget to encourage her and to constantly reassure her that it is all going to be okay and that she is doing a great job. It may seem like nothing to you guys but in the back of a women’s head they are trying to wrap their heads around every detail to the point we will explode if we dont get some sort of reassurance from the ones that love us the most.

To the groomsmen: you are there to pick up the pieces that the groom is not able to in the moment. There is a lot to get done and a lot that overflows. The Groom may be stressed or overthinking the proposal, or the vows or the secret song that he will be singing the day of the wedding.

I challenge you to go out of your way to make sure your friend is doing okay. He also needs that encouragement and reassurance. This is why he has asked you to stand by him as he says “yes” to forever, because he believed you were a part of the reason that he has made it thus far. Don’t fail him now. Reassure him that he is doing a great job. Ask if he needs help with anything specifically. make yourself available to help with wedding related tasks.

To the Best Man: Not only have you been honored with the roll of the best man, but this leads to more responsibilities. Often times you are the one holding the rings, holding the answers that the groom may not be available to answer. As a photographer I will often address the BM if the groom is not available, I usually would ask you to help gather the boys so that we may be prompt with the timeline the bride has set for us. So as you say “yes” to being the best man, take into consideration the responsibilities that you should look for. Be aware of whats going on throughout the day and be ready to help the B & G whenever the chance.