When it comes to wedding photography, it's important to choose a San Luis Obispo wedding photographer you can trust to capture all the highlights and brightest moments you will cherish for a lifetime. Remember that you only get one shot to save a great memory because the perfect scene could be gone in an instant.

Your search for a “San Luis Obispo photographer near me”, is over. I am a trustworthy and reliable San Luis Obispo wedding photographer who looks for opportunities that count. This includes precious moments you can look back on in the future that will warm your heart and ignite all the exciting feelings you embraced the day you and your partner became one.

Let's Capture Sweet Memories of Your Special Day

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My fiancé and I had such an amazing time during our engagement session with Alyssa! My fiance told me she made it so natural, comfortable, and fun, and I couldn't agree more!
If you ever get the chance to hop into the ocean during a photoshoot with Alyssa- take it! The pictures are so incredibly stunning (both in the ocean and out)! I can not wait to have her do our wedding.

- Evangaline & John

She made it so natural, comfortable, and fun!

Five star reviews

Whether it’s candid photography, playful photography, or emotional photography, everything counts when putting together a memorable wedding scene. Each photo will bring an intimate vibe that can be shared with viewers and help you relive the joy of uniting with the one you love. Even the most special moments can be forgotten unless they are captured, whereas this way they can be enjoyed over and over again.  



Playful Photography

Playful Photography




Candid photos are captured on a whim. They are unplanned and unposed in a simple form without the subject’s knowledge. This helps bring out the true nature of the attendees' actions at an event.

Playful photos are active lifestyle portraits that show joy and happiness while having fun together. You can share your journey from the time you are engaged until you finally tie the knot. After all, having good times together is really what it’s all about.

Not only does an emotional photograph reveal an emotional state, but it also conveys this feeling to the viewer. Capturing true emotions in a photo says something that can evoke sentiments in others, enlightening them to mimic the mood that is felt.

An emotional photo can portray thoughts of happiness, sadness, and everything in between to communicate a message.

Hello, I am Alyssa Flores, the founder, and CEO of Alyssa Flores Photography. I created this photography business because I value relationships, and I love to tell romantic stories through pictures.
Since my launch in 2021 I have made a lot of couples' special days even better by providing them with a memorable wedding masterpiece that will enlighten them for the rest of their lives together.   

Now, I am ready to capture your raw and authentic moments! I can promise you that there will never be awkward or strict posing, and that the focus will always be to ensure your desires are first and foremost throughout your entire wedding planning process.

Saying "I do" is a life-long commitment and more than an extravagant day... it is the beginning of your legacy, and I am here for you!

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