You'll often catch me with a baby in one hand and a coffee (with a lil' honey) in the other. If I'm not out capturing portraits, I'm out exploring new locations with my family ...or constantly picking-up the house after the littles.

Fun Fact: José and I are high-school sweethearts! Not only were we dating since my freshman year, but we also both attended schools for film and photography. Keep your eyes peeled, you might just see him pitching in!

A small-town, country music lovin' Cali girl. I'm living my best life! I'm a mama of two baby boys, a wife to my best friend (José), and an accounting major. Because of my love for numbers & logic, people often mistake me for being a very left-brained person. But in reality, I am more of an energetic, right-brained type of gal. I absolutely LOVE creating, and most of all, capturing those authentic and God given smiles between you and your loved ones.


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aka "Lyss"

I wanted to first of all be a mama, secondly be extremely successful with whatever God laid before me. Since high-school I've been so passionate about photography. Since then the dream is to be successful in photography, to be able to share my success, teach what I have learned, and consistently share with the world the beauty God has created through my images. That is my dream. <3

my dreams


It all starts with two crying baby boys. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys, but I am not a morning person Apparently I gave birth to two early birds. Lord help us all! They are all I have ever wanted. They made me a mama and I could die a happy gal. Married to my high-school sweetheart living my dream of being a camera nerd.

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I love adventures, I love finding new places, seeing new things and traveling. But, I also love binge watching TV. You know the sappy Hallmark movies? Yup, I've seen them all. even shows such as Greys Anatomy, Gilmore girls, Pretty Little Liar. You guessed it. I've seen them all and multiple times over!

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Oh man, I'm a foodie. There is nothing better than kicking my feet up with a nice meal. Mexican food is my absolute favorite! ...hence the reason behind marrying a Mexican and a cook.

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