A small town girl, turned coastal-living destination wedding photographer. I'm your go-to third wheel, ready to have a good time creating an unforgettable experience. Without a camera in hand you can catch me homeschooling my littles, creating lattes for friends, or meeting new moms at the park.

I'm Alyssa Flores

Hey there!

I'm all about relationships

I value relationships! And I mean it. I will stop whatever I am doing to help someone in need. I will go out of my way to check in on others. I will make time for people. I will do what it takes to connect. To some degree I am a people pleaser. This is not always to my best interest, but I long to make others happy. 

As a prospective client I look for that connection with you and I value our relationship. I will never leave you hanging, I am known for my intentional communication and want to serve you the best way possible.

Ocean Lover

I love all things WATER!! I grew up on a lake, and then moved to the central coast to live by the ocean. I have never lived further than 30 miles from some body of water. All this to say is that I am in love with all things coastal. The water, the smell of the ocean, the palm trees, the ability to have different scenery within five miles in any direction. This is the reasoning for my photography style, "warm, earthy and moody." I am able to incorporate the warmth and glow that the coast offers, while also bringing the tones of the different trees and the muted blues of the ocean. 

Many know that I love an adventure, and you better believe we will make an adventure out of any session. 

including the possibility of jumping in the water fully clothed ;) 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

As a Christian we are called to love others and that's exactly what I feel called to do through my photography business. No matter who you are, or where you come from I am called to love just as Christ does. Most of all I want to capture one of the greatest gifts of all, your marriage. 

Names I go by...

Alyssa Flores



CEO & Owner of
Alyssa flores photography

my FAVORITE name of all but saved for my LITTLES 

Married to my BEST FRIEND in 2018 and high-school sweetheart

Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

The day of your wedding I will feel like a friend rather than a stranger. While planning your wedding I help inform you with every detail in regards to your photos. I supply you with a bridal guide both digitally and a hard copy magazine. And last, but surely not least, I capture your day as a story in a journalistic style and you'll never know I was there. Relive the day with friends and family while flipping through your Heirloom Album. 

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

From the moment he asks for "forever," to the day you both say "I do." I am here for it all and will support you until the end. 

I am here for it all, and I can't wait to celebrate with you!!

I am lost without you

Timeline of My Journey

My First solo wedding



Attended Brooks Institute school of photography


Purchased my first DSLR Camera


Managed a coffee shop while growing my love and knowledge for coffee


Married my High school sweetheart


Zé, our first son was born 


Levi, our second son was born


January 13th, 2021.
I officially started my PHOTOGRAPHY business, taking the jump and going full time. I worked a total of 56 weddings (my own bookings, Associate shooting for other photographers, & Second shooting)
while also being a stay at home mom for two baby boys.


Booked solid every weekend, booked weddings into 2024. Business grew quicker than I could Imagine while gaining 1.5k followers on Instagram within the last year.
Fully upgraded my entire gear to Mirrorless cameras while also preparing to add video to AFP!

I can't wait to learn more about your wedding or event!

Thank you so much for considering me. I am so excited to get to know you and your loved ones as we create an experience and capture these memories. Please know that I value relationships above all, and that I come as a friend not only as a contracted vendor.