Beach Engagement Photos at Morro Bay Rock | Cassy & Ethan

You probably would never know this, but these beach engagement photos at Morro Bay Rock were a last minute session and decision! I had a last minute rescheduling of a session for one of my other clients and decided to offer a free session to whoever was available for the time that was open. It was the best decision ever! Because, wow! This day was magical and the photos turned out so beautifully! With that being said, and how amazing this experience turned out, I have decided to host monthly giveaways! Come learn why I decided to do this below.

My Why

Beach engagement photos are so fun! Adventure engagement photos are even better! So, when I decided to host monthly giveaways for the couples looking to just have fun I got so excited!! The main reason why I decided to make this into a tradition and do monthly giveaways is because I love to give and learn about others love stories! During these giveaways, I look for adventurous couples who enjoy photography and don’t mind trying new things (like going in the water just like this couple!). I look for couples who are ready to have a good time and couples who value me and my work! It is my ultimate goal to create an experience for couples and building a community! This is my way to give back and something I hope to continue to do!

Last Minute Sessions = The Best Ever!

Last minute sessions are the best ever and here is why! Magic can happen, exactly like these beach engagement photos with Cassy and Ethan! There are no expectations and we just go into knowing that we are going to have lots of fun. There is absolutely no pressure and we can do whatever we want with our time! Think about it this way, no time to prep means more relaxed and just going with the flow. When this happens, beautiful, fun and intimate photos are created. So, if you are on the fence about joining a giveaway or doing a last minute photo session, I say do it!!

Southern California Wedding & Couples Photographer | Alyssa Flores Photography

Check out the rest of these beautiful beach engagement photos at Morro Bay Rock below!

Ready to be a part of my next giveaway? Head over to my instagram @alyssabrookeflores to follow along and sign up for the next one! Can’t wait to have you be a part of it next!

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