The Best Advice For Getting A Tan For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a special occasion that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, and looking your best is important to make that memory truly unforgettable! One way to feel your best on your big day is by having a gorgeous glowing tan. In this blog, we will discuss some great tips so you can confidently walk down the aisle with that perfect sun-kissed glow. I reached out to Haley at OATS SLO for her top tips for getting a tan for your wedding day!

Haley’s Top Tips For Getting The Best Wedding Day Glow

  1. Trial is just as important as hair and make-up! It’s important to dial in the shade you want that way there are no surprises for the big day. Trials need to be done at least 2 weeks before the wedding to allow plenty of time to scrub off all the old tan before wedding tan. This also includes self tanner of any kind. Don’t apply any at least 2 weeks before. Layered tan can look blotchy and we don’t want that!
  2. Be extra careful not to get any natural sun tan lines! So many fun events leading up to the wedding that can cause a bad sunburn or tan line. So bridal shower, Bachelorette etc.. cover up! I can definitely help even out a tan line but I can’t get rid of them!
  3. Best day to get your tan done is 2-3 days before the wedding date. This way your tan for dinner rehearsal and then the wedding. For example if wedding is Saturday then Wednesday or Thursday is best day to get your tan. This is another reason why trial is so helpful that way you can keep track of how your tan looks on day 2 and 3 then you’ll know which day.
  4. Mani, Pedi and waxing should be done BEFORE the tan. Ideally day before that way with waxing there is a day to let the hair folical close and mani pedi can have the full scrub/lotion/oil treatment. Tanning solution does NOT stain the nail polish even if it’s white. It wipes right off
  5. Make sure you bring loose Ling sleeve clothing to wear after your tan. That way it’s protected after and you can go ahead and do dinner or catch up with family and friends arriving.

Ideal Time Line For Brides

Booking your bridal party can be a fun way for the girls to kick off the party with a little pampering, bubbly and laughs before your wedding day! So this is my suggested ideal time line for brides:

Wednesday: Waxing, mani/pedi, facials or massage.

Thursday: Tan

Friday: Dinner rehearsal

Saturday: Wedding

If your mani or pedi has to be done on Thursday same day as tan then make sure you do not use any lotion or oil after on the arms or legs. This will block the spray tan from absorbing all the way!

Looking To Get Your Tan On? Haley at OATS SLO Is The Best!

“Hands down, Haley is the BEST! I’ve been going to Haley at OATS to get ready for every important event in my life – weddings, birthdays, photo shoots, vacations, etc. for over 5 years. Her spray tans cannot be beat! I also see her on a regular basis for lash lifts, a real game changer. Not only is her work absolutely flawless every. single. time. but Haley herself is an actual gem. She is professional, courteous, and caring & takes pride in the work she does while making you feel your best. Love, love, love!”

“Haley is my go-to for spray tans and eyelash lifts! She’s approachable, professional, and very experienced. I’ve never once walked away unsatisfied with the results. I also appreciate that she makes the spray tanning room feel like a safe, comfortable, and judgement free zone. As for the lashes, she’s so patient and gentle with my incredibly sensitive eyes. Highly recommend!”

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