Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Timeline

Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Timeline

Hey ladies! One of the most exciting (and stressful) times of your life are those long months in between saying “yes!” and finally getting to say “I do!” The anticipation starts swelling and the days and nights are full of planning your wedding and your wedding timeline. But we all know that amidst all of the Pinterest and Instagram posts floating around, originality begins to be lost in the chaos. 

It’s your big day and you want to make it as special and different as you can, but sometimes that proves difficult. That’s why I am here to help you with a few quick tips that will add unique twists to your wedding day timeline! 

Do a first look with your dad and/or bridesmaids

Surprises are always so fun! Why not capture your dad’s and bridesmaid’s reactions to just how drop-dead gorgeous you look in your wedding dress on camera. Let’s face it, your dad’s probably going to cry, it’ll be good to let him get it all out before the ceremony begins. And what better boost of confidence than to see all your girls, together, oohing and awing over you. Definitely make sure this time is blocked out inside of your wedding timeline!

Have your parents do a first look

What a fun and different way to incorporate your parents by reenacting a first look experience between themselves. This simple moment doesn’t need to take much time out of the day on your wedding timeline but could be such a special moment between your parents to relive and share in the moment of first laying eyes on each other on this beautiful day. 

Have a small gift for your bridesmaids

As I said, lots of planning has been going into this day; and your bridesmaids are the ones who have been by your side through it all. Whether this is by celebrating the proposal, throwing the wedding shower, or helping with all of the wedding decisions imaginable… they’ve done a lot of work!

Setting aside some time in your day before the ceremony to thank your bride tribe for everything they have done would be a sweet moment to add and would make the day even more memorable.

A few gift ideas might be a handwritten card expressing how much you care for each of them, matching necklaces, a small makeup kit, or any other small meaningful gift that would be special to your relationship with them.

Hype yourself up with your favorite tunes

Creating a ‘morning of’ playlist with only the best vibes is the way to go. Did someone say spontaneous karaoke to your favorite song in the middle of getting ready? Talk about unforgettable! I don’t know about you, but you can never go wrong with some good beats playing in the background. 


Now I know this isn’t anything special or unique that’s going to spice up your wedding day timeline, but girl, trust me when I tell you that it will make all the difference in the world! It’s crazy to me how many brides forget to simply breathe.

Specifically setting aside time meant for just you-time or a short breather from the chaos of the day will help you and everyone around settle down, release tension, and better enjoy the day. Your wedding day is going to be full of emotions, expectations, and stress. If you allow yourself time to just sit for a moment and let these butterflies settle, you will feel so much happier and lighter throughout the day.

A simple way to incorporate this into your wedding day timeline is by either (1) intentionally setting aside personal time, or (2) purposefully giving each task 5-10 extra minutes for a comfortable buffer space. This is one of the biggest days of your life! Don’t let it pass by without another thought; slow down and enjoy each intimate moment.

What are some other ways you might spice up your wedding day timeline? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! If you are ready to make your wedding timeline with me, a Southern California Wedding Photographer, by your side fill out my contact form and let’s get this started!