Why Automating Your Photography Business is Vital to Excelling

As someone who owns a photography business, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. Automation is quickly becoming the key to success in the photography industry, helping photographers save time and resources while streamlining their business processes. In this blog post, you will discover why automating tasks within your photography business is ESSENTIAL to ensure success and excellence! Come read more about everything I do to automate my photography business.

What is Automation and How Can it Benefit Your Photography Business?

Automation is basically the process of using technology to run your business. There are so many benefits to automizing your business and I will cover some of my favorite reasons! Number one, work less and earn MORE! That is literally the dream and because of this it means more time you get to spend with friends and family while earning money! You will also be able to deliver higher quality service while taking on more clients. Lastly, other benefits can be a zeroed out inbox, no overdue tasks, etc. That all sounds like a DREAM to me!

Different Ways to Automate Your Photography Business

Automating your business doesn’t have to be strictly with your business, it could start with personal tasks like a housekeeper, a gardener, Uber eats, or even ordering your groceries. These simple daily tasks that don’t seem like much, but the time surely does add up! As for business you could be outsourcing your editing, investing your time in learning a CRM, hire associate shooters, hire a VA to do the BTS of your business, having a social media manager, having a monthly CPA and so on. The possibilities are endless! Just think about all of the mundane tasks that you hate doing, and try to outsource.

Commonly Automated Photography Business Tasks

Some tasks that I recommend most photographers automate include emails and editing. Emails, which turn into workflows can definitely take up a lot of time depending on how many inquiries you get in your photography business. As a result hiring someone to check you email daily and filter through your messages will be such a time saver! Editing can’t necessarily be automated, but streamline the process if you hire someone to edit for you. Think about all the time you spend in front of your computer editing, when you could be out shooting more sessions!

Tips for Effectively Automating Your Photography Business

All in all, invest in my course “STREAMLINE” 😉 This will teach you all of the ins and outs to automate your business to get you to a 6-figure photography business. My other top tips is to use a CRM to keep track of your business and delegate the tedious tasks of your business and personal life.

STREAMLINE Your Photography Business to 6-Figures

Automation is the key to success in the photography industry, helping photographers save time, resources and money. Automating photography business tasks can help photographers be more productive and efficient, allowing them to focus on more creative tasks. And certainly, with the right strategies and tools, you can create an effective and efficient automation process, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and excel within the photography industry.

Photographers Love My STREAMLINE Course!

“If there is one thing Alyssa knows for sure – it’s to outsource and automate. Her Lightroom process and
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Alyssa Flores Photography | Santa Barbara Wedding + Couples Photographer

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