A Natural and Elegant Mammoth Lakes Wedding Day

We celebrated Bryan and Sabrina’s dreamy Mammoth Lakes wedding day at the stunning Sierra Star. The venue, surrounded by the majestic mountains of Mammoth, set the stage for a wedding that was nothing short of magical! The moments captured throughout the day were filled with a natural and elegant charm. It perfectly mirrored the couple’s vision for their special day. I can’t wait for you to see the amazing moments that we shot for Bryan and Sabrina!

Bryan + Sabrina’s Love Story | A Mammoth Lakes Wedding Day

How did two people from different sides of the state meet and fall in love? Two people, opposite sides of the state, opposing sports teams, how could it happen? This is the story of Bryan and Sabrina and their journey through life and love.

“Growing up in Temecula, Bryan was working and going to school. Bryan’s friend was attending Chico State getting ready to graduate, when Bryan and another friend planned to make a surprise trip for graduation weekend.

Sabrina, originally from Morgan Hill, was attending Chico State working on her Interior Architecture degree. Juggling academics, being a radio DJ, and Sorority President, Sabrina made lifelong friends.

On that fateful graduation weekend in May 2012, Bryan surprised his friend and the weekend long celebration started. Through mutual friends, Sabrina and Bryan met. Bryan was his comedic self making Sabrina laugh the entire weekend. She laughed so much and so hard her stomach hurt. After a weekend of celebrating, the two said their good byes and returned to their lives.

However, it wouldn’t be the end. A few weeks later, at a graduation party in San Diego, Sabrina made the trek down and Bryan was able to make Sabrina laugh for another weekend. Sabrina tested Bryan with allowing him to play music in her car. If you know Sabrina, you know music is one of her true passions and something she uses to connect with people. Bryan passed the test, and the two stayed in communication with each other.

Many trips to Chico, many trips to Southern California, the two went back and forth while they finished their schooling. On a trip up to Chico, Sabrina took Bryan to her favorite city, San Francisco. There, Sabrina gave him a tour of her favorite spots, including Treasure Island that has a fantastic view of the San Francisco skyline.

Sabrina was set to graduate in 2014 and Bryan had another test in front of him…meeting her family. Passing that test, Sabrina moved to Orange County and started her career in Interior Design, while Bryan finished up his schooling. Once Bryan graduated, he moved in with Sabrina. The two spent their free time exploring, road tripping, hiking, eating, and going to sports events.

After four years, Sabrina got a job offer back home in the Bay Area that she could not turn down. Bryan made the move, leaving friends and family behind, but Sabrina, the love of his life, was worth the move, even if it was behind enemy lines.

After a few years, a pandemic, multiple jobs and promotions, Bryan planned a “work event” in San Francisco, but had other ideas up his sleeve. A stop by Treasure Island, one of Sabrina’s favorite views of the city, Bryan got down on his knee and asked his true love to marry him. Sabrina said “yes, about time!”

Bryan and Sabrina will continue to never stop exploring, attempting to visit every baseball stadium (8/30), National Park (6/63), and visiting a new state every year (12/50).”

A Dreamy Wedding Day in Mammoth Lakes

This wedding day for B + S was filled with so many dreamy moments. The whole wedding day had a natural and elegant feel to it at Sierra Star! The sun peaked through the mountains of Mammoth Lakes periodically which created a gorgeous moody vibe for the day. Another amazing part of the day was the snow capped mountains. You could see in the back of the ceremony! We also captured gorgeous first look photos of B + S where they were able to reflect on what they wanted for their perfect day.

Alyssa Flores | Santa Barbara Wedding + Couples Photographer

It was so fun to capture the timelessness of Bryan and Sabrina’s wedding day. Mammoth Lakes is a gorgeous location for a Northern California wedding day and Sierra Star was a dream! If you need someone to capture your wedding day, count me in! Head over to my contact page so we can get in touch.