Bright and Sunny Beach Engagement Photoshoot | Hailee & Brian

It was such a blast capturing Hailee and Brian’s contagious love during our bright and sunny beach engagement photoshoot at Morro Bay Rock in Southern California! When I say their love was contagious I really mean it. Their love soared through their entire session and shined through their photos. Come take a peek and see what it was like working with these two lovebirds!

Their Beautiful How You Met Story

As said by the beautiful couple:

“Brian and I met at the Grad in Slo on February 22nd 2018. I was hanging out with a group of friends from high school and he came up to talk to them because he knew them. A couples dance came on and he asked me to dance, I shied away and said “I don’t know how to do this one” and he responded with “Do you want to learn?” I basically melted and fell in love right there for some reason. We danced the rest of the night together and at the end of the night I told him I would see him next week and left without giving him my number or social media.

The following week came and he was there in the same spot I met him the first time. That night we danced again and exchanged numbers. From that day we have been inseparable. You know when people say you just know when you’re with your person? I got that feeling and I moved in with him two weeks after giving him my number.”

That feeling that Hailee is referring to is one of the best feelings in the world! As you can tell by just their how you met story, their love is unmatchable and I was so honored to be able to capture their love during this bright and sunny beach engagement photoshoot! It was one for the books!

It’s More Than Just The Photos

I value relationships! This makes usually always stop whatever I am doing to help someone in need and will go out of my way to check in on others. I will make time for people and will do what it takes to connect. To some degree I am a people pleaser. This is not always to my best interest, but I long to make others happy. Especially during your engagement photos, couples photos or wedding day! These two got a glimpse into just that during their beach engagement photoshoot and now I have the honor of photographing their wedding in July 2022!

As a prospective client I look for that connection with you and I value our relationship. I will never leave you hanging, I am known for my intentional communication and want to serve you the best way possible. When I say this, I mean it: it’s always been more than just the photos! It’s the relationship and bond that we create, it’s the love that we get to experience together, it’s the fun that we get to have together. All of it is SO much more than just the photos when you hire me as your engagement and wedding photographer!

Southern California Engagement & Wedding Photographer | Alyssa Flores Photography

Come see the rest of this beautiful beach engagement photoshoot below!

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