“But… I don’t know how to pose!”

Friends, I am here to tell you that a photoshoot is not about posing! Now that I’ve got you questioning my skill as a photographer, let me explain.

I am Alyssa Flores a Lifestyle Wedding and Portrait photographer. This simply means that I capture movement, emotions, and sometimes they may be described as non-traditional imagery. These images that I capture will last a lifetime. And by that, I mean, you will be able to look back at my images and remember moments, you will hear the laughter through the image, you will be able to envision who those people in the image are. But, of course I will also capture the more traditional portraits that will be framed for grandma.

When you step in front of my lens there is no question on what to do. I am here to make you feel comfortable and if something seems odd I’ll let you know gently or just simply move on to the next pose and/or prompt.

For the most part of my sessions I don’t use poses. I use prompts. Being a lifestyle photographer I want to be real, genuine and to say it one more time I want my images to portray authenticity. I do this by prompting you with phrases such as: “Kiss with you teeth,” “tell your fiancé, in her ear, what you want for dinner in your sexiest voice,” and “Walk towards me while bumping hips.” There are lots of prompts, we could go on and on, but you get the gist. I have never seen one of my clients walk away with out a smile on their face.

If you are still feeling unsure about your posing ability, don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered!! But, granted at the end of our session together you will be a pro model!

3 most helpful tips to self pose:

  • HANDS “…but what do I do with this hand… it’s so awkward”
    • put it ANYWHERE on your significant other
    • rest it on your hip, and get sassy with it!
  • EYES
    • Look straight into your significant others eyes
    • Look straight into my lens
    • Look off to the side like you just saw a bird fly by
    • Rest your eyes / Close them and dream about your big day
    • The easiest thing to remember is as long as your body is against your partner you are set. We want to capture emotion and physical touch is the easiest way to capture that emotion.
    • If your head feels out of place then simply rest against your partner while using the previous tips.
    • The biggest thing to take from this is to always be touching your partner in some way

There you have it. Now you are prepped and ready for our session!! SO excited <3 see you soon!!!!!