An Elegant + Warm Central California Wedding at Westwood Barns

Peter and Kelly’s Central California Wedding was filled with elegance and warmth! It was so fun being able to capture their special day. It was such a fun wedding that not only Brought emotion but showcased their personalities and unique add ons to their day. Like the Bratts, the reverse anniversary dance (started with the newest marriage to the oldest married – everyone was on the dance floor!!) to a beautiful send off with their loved ones. Everything about this day was so magical and I can’t wait for you to see the rest of it.

P + K’s Love Story | A Central California Wedding at Westwood Barns

“Our Love story.. Well it starts at Calvary Chapel Church in Boise, Idaho. We both moved to Idaho in January of 2021. 5 months later, I (Peter) started going to a post-college group at a church that I was attending. It was the first time I had gone and I was meeting lots of new people and excited to start building a community. the group began, and out of the corner of my eye, the door on the other side of the church opened and some girl came in late, looking all embarssed for showing up late to the party. That girl happened to be very cute. She was also hard to miss, because she was like 20 minutes late.

So anyways, I talked to some other people and then went home. The next week, that same cute girl that was running late the previous week happened to be leading the group this very week. She turned out to not just be cute, but also be funny, engaging and passionate and knowledgable about Jesus. Again, I wasn’t bold enough to go up and talk to her. But I was certainly curious.. I ended up meeting some other people and got added to a group chat for the community. Then I left.

The next Saturday.. I was in a spikeball mood and wanted to see if anyone from that group wanted to play. Turns out, a group of people were going to play spikeball the very same time that I wanted to play at. What a coincidence! So, I show up to the spike ball event looking to show off my skills and look who I run into: that girl from the church group, who showed up late (she showed up late to the spikeball event too!!) and led group.

I couldn’t wait to start the games so we could start engaging over a good ole’ game of spikeball. We ended up being on opposite teams to start off, and we each had probably the worst spikeball partners on the planet. So we had fun and laughed. Then.. we went to eat burgers and sat at opposite sides of the table .. we were asking questions to other people, but the only person’s answers that mattered.. was Kelly’s. Anyways. Long story short, we met that day and it was GREAT!

The proposal was lovely! It was a beautiful sunny fall day. We went to church.. ran and grab coffee after
church at a coffee shop we’d never been too, and then started on a walk by the Boise river. I had a friend lay out a blanket with some rose petals, champagne and a basket by the river.. and we walkted for a little bit and then came upon the spot. We walked down to the river and I asked her! It was a great day, filled with friends and fun. After I asked Kelly, we went to a delicous lunch place (we had a private room booked out!) and then we went back to church, where there was a surprise party of people waiting for us to celebrate!”

Kind Words from P + K From Their Central California Wedding Day

We had SO much fun looking back through the gallery and remembering every moment together. You so
perfectly captured the day and all of the emotions that came with it for everyone!!!

I can’t say thank you enough! And I can’t wait to write you that google review cause ima bout to tell everyone how invaluable you are!

Not only did you capture the day perfectly, but one of the main things I remember about the day is that you made. things. happen!!! You were right there by my side and always helping peter and I enjoy our day to the fullest. Seriously. A main memory from the day was how deeply grateful I was that you were there and that you were constantly helping everything move along!!! They are so beautiful. We can’t wait to hang cover all of our walls with them!

Alyssa Flores Photography | Santa Barbara Wedding + Couples Photographer

Are you planning a wedding in the central California area? I would LOVE to be a part of your magical day! It’s so fun being able to capture these memories for you and your loved ones. Head over to my contact page so we can get in touch and start creating memories!

Vendors That Made Their Day Extra Special

Westwood Barns /
DJ Daniel Malcolm /
Flora Flower
Hair – Hannah Hartmann /
Makeup – Alyse The Beautorium /
Dress – Elegant Bride
Catering – A Thumbs Up /
Tuxedo – The Black Tux