Engagement at the Sand Dunes Near Pismo Beach

Toni and Dez’s engagement session at the sand dunes near Pismo Beach and the Pismo Beach Pier was nothing short of magical. For me, it marked a shift in my style, embracing a more authentic and elegant editing approach. This session stands as one of the first where I fully embraced this new style. It was a complete joy to document the love story of this amazing couple! Come along to see how amazing this engagement session turned out for Toni and Dez!

A Carefree Engagement Session at Sand Dunes Near Pismo Beach

Toni and Dez’s love story is one that radiates trust and carefree happiness – it really is so so beautiful. They allowed me to photograph and style them how I saw fit for the moment and it was so fun being able to just enjoy our time together and create magic together! They drove a whopping 8 hours round trip for their engagement session, a testament to their dedication and love for each other! The resulting gallery reflects the essence of who Toni and Dez are. With a blend of elegance and fun, I aimed to capture their more serious side while also showcasing their vibrant and bubbly personalities. This gallery has a romantic filmy feel to it, and I don’t think it could have turned out any better!

Alyssa Flores | Santa Barbara Wedding + Couples Photographer

In this engagement session, the sand dunes near Pismo Beach and the peir served as a picturesque backdrop, creating an ideal canvas to capture the essence of Toni and Dez’s love. It’s a reminder that love, when documented with authenticity and style, can be a timeless masterpiece! If you are looking to have a romantic engagement session near Pismo Beach, head over to my contact page!

For now, come see how Toni and Dez’s romantic moments turned out.