Playful Engagement Photos at Santa Ynez Valley Botanical Garden | Lacee & Zach

As soon as we started shooting these playful engagement photos at Santa Ynez Valley Botanical Garden I knew we were going to hit it off! These two won my engagement session giveaway and it was amazing! We ended up choosing this location because it fit their exact needs! We had so much in common and overall just a good time! I love how free spirited these two were! Come check it out!

Young, Playful and Adventurous Couples Are My Kind Of People!

I’m always looking for the adventurous and free spirited couples that are ready to have fun with anything I throw at them! I love when my couples trust me as their photographer and simply love life. Valuing my clients is the most important part of the process and I know that I won’t be the perfect match for everyone. I want to serve my clients and prospective clients best and if that means referring them onto another photographer to give them a better experience than I will do that! I would be honored to have you be a part of my experience if you feel like you love my vibe!

Playful Engagement Photos With A Stunning Couple

When I found out that these two met line dancing and that their favorite thing to do is eat and dance I knew that we would have SO much fun together! They have been together for 3 years and their love for each other is unreal. Like I said above, we immediately hit it off and I really do feel like it’s because of the fact on how playful they were with each other! The best part was as soon as their received their gallery from their giveaway engagement session within a couple of days they booked me for their wedding! I can’t wait to be a part of their special day!

Alyssa Flores Photography | Southern California Couples & Wedding Photographer

Ready to have me be a part your playful engagement? We can have your day be the exact way that YOU want it to be! Fill out my contact form and let’s start planning how we can make your day super special, intimate and exactly the way you want it to be!