Roxana & Juan Intimate Wedding

Their Love Story

Roxana and Juan ironically worked for the same company. One day, a mutual friend was throwing a social event at a bar. Although neither of them drink, they showed up to the event nonetheless. This social event was only the start of their love story.

They met that night at the bar and hit it off. Their work-friend group now included the two of them, which led to multiple lunch gatherings. Soon after, Roxana and Juan couldn’t get enough of each other. They started to hang out often, saw the fireworks on the 4th of July together, went on hikes, and even started having dinners together. Yet, they still were not a couple.

It soon was Juans birthday and Roxana decided to decorate his cubicle at work. It was then that Juan finally got the courage to ask this beautiful girl to be his girlfriend. I personally think Roxana planned that outcome out all along. I can just see her now dancing with excitement, with a silent “FINALLY!” LOL

It had been roughly 3 years of dating, until Juan got down on one knee to ask Roxana to marry him. He had a dreamy location of a rose garden picked out to have the perfect proposal. Although, he had forgotten that the roses weren’t in bloom in January. So he picked his brain and came up with another genius idea. He has a hobby of adventuring and everywhere he goes he sets up a few stuffed animals as his models to pose in the location he visited/traveled to. So he decided to use this to his benefit. He found a cathedral in San Jose and brought his stuffed animals with him. This time he asked Roxana to set up the animals for a picture. Little did she know he was prepping her engagement ring and getting down on one knee. As she turned around she was in shock! There he was, her handsome prince charming asking her to spend the rest of his days with her!

Q & A with the BRIDE and GROOM

What is your ideal date night?

Our ideal date night includes going to a cute downtown, walking around, having good food, and of course dessert! Preferably chocolate!!!

What are your favorite foods, drinks, snacks, etc.?

Bride – any Mexican food! Lasagna, chicken tikka masala, cheese, and pizza, strawberry agua fresca, chocolate, fruit, cake

Groom – Mediterranean food, sea food (bride does not haha), Italian food, Pakistani food, almonds, yogurt, chocolate, carrots

Each of you describe each other in 5 words.

Groom about Bride – cute, kind, outdoorsy, ambitious, classy

Bride about Groom – funny, caring, planner, handsome, energetic

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Groom about Bride – her positivity and ability to find happiness

Bride about Groom – his ability to make me laugh even when I’m mad

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

Groom – the wedding! Getting married through church

Bride – getting our loved ones together to celebrate our union! and the pictures hehe

To the Bride and Groom

Roxana and Juan,

You two were such a pleasure to work with. Let’s start with the time we met face to face at your engagement session. The moment I got out of the car I knew we were going to have soo much fun! Low and behold, we had a blast. Not to dismiss the fact that by the end of the session you were laying down and kissing in the freezing water of Monterey. You two were troopers! You killed your session. You two are so adventurous and you were so willing to do anything for the shot. As a photographer you’re a dream client. Allowing me to create with no limits. Thank you for being so down to earth, and easy going.

Now to planning your beautiful intimate wedding. Although you guys did the hard work, I thank you for trusting me throughout your planning process. You’r wedding was absolutely gorgeous! And Juan, you have an amazing wife on your hands.

I wish you both the best. I can’t wait to see your marriage grow, and what life has in store for the two of you!

Cheers to the power couple, love you both!

yours truly, Alyssa Flores


Photographer: @AlyssaBrookeFlores, Ceremony: Saint Marys ttps://, Reception Venue: The GrandView San Jose,