A Romantic Santa Barbara Wedding at The Stow House | Sav & Ryler

This was a day that was dreamed of for YEARS! FYI this is my sister, not me! Sav and Ryler had a romantic Santa Barbara wedding at the Stow House! It was seriously a dream come true for them. It was amazing to be able to capture their wedding day, and I also did their engagement session at Yosemite National Park! You can check out their engagement session HERE! The Stow House is a national landmark in California so it was awesome that Sav and Ryler were able to celebrate their love here AND have me be a part of the day, too!

Sav and Ryler’s Love Story That Led To Their Stow House Wedding Day

Before we jump into this gorgeous Stow House, let’s cover the basics! I’m married to my high school sweetheart. So me and my sisters knew he would be apart of the family. Well we always dreamed up the guys that the other three would marry! Then one day, I went and did a photo shoot for my sister and her friends.… to paint the scene I was a new mom to two baby boys. I drove an hour to do this for them with the kids in the car. I had to get there early in case I had blowouts or I had to feed the kids. This 30min session turned into two hours because more people showed up expecting photos. And so this now became a five-hour day. Needless to say, this turned into a very very stressful day for a new mom with 2 screaming babies!

The point is – one person opted in to help me, he saw I was struggling and gently came to help, no questions asked. Not only did he help me, but he played with the kids, made the kids laugh, and calmed them down! He then encouraged the rest of the group to help out. I looked at Savannah and said “Who’s this guy?!? Why aren’t you dating him!”. She looked at me and said “Because he’s my best friend, I can’t do that!”. The story goes on, but multiple times the family spotted Ryler from miles away and Ryler patiently waited for Savannah to realize, that it was okay to date her best friend, and that He was Her forever! Finally Savannah did realize and now that leads us here to this STUNNING Santa Barbara wedding at The Stow House!

The Stow House: A Historical Santa Barbara Wedding Venue

The Stow House is a legendary Santa Barbara wedding venue that is filled with history which you can read more about HERE! Stow House was built in the Carpenter Gothic style architecture. It has amazing wooden structures. There is so much detail throughout this entire venue it makes beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos! The property is also filled with stunning trees like Redwoods and lemon trees! And, to top it off there are beautiful gardens on the property.

Alyssa Flores Photography | San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

If you are ready to take the dive and hire me for your wedding photos and create an epic wedding day like this one at The Stow House, then I’m all in! I can’t wait to help you with your special day! You can contact me HERE to get started.

Come see the rest of Sav and Ryler’s romantic Santa Barbara Wedding at The Stow House below!

bride and groom portraits | A Romantic Santa Barbara Wedding at The Stow House | Sav & Ryler
bride and groom portraits