The Importance of Understanding Wedding Timelines for your Photos

When it comes to scheduling your photographer, having your wedding timelines planned out is extremely important! To make sure you get the absolute most out of your wedding day and your wedding photo experience, its key to understand the time each segment requires. I’m going to cover a basic template that you can follow to help plan your wedding day timeline so you big day runs seamlessly!

How Much Time Should I Set Aside for Wedding Photos?

Wedding details are often overlooked, but they’re so important! They deserve a solid 45 minutes of the photographers attention. When it comes to capturing the bride getting ready, make sure you set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour, followed by another 30 minutes of the bride getting into her dress. To capture the brides excitement and beauty, set aside 10-20 minutes for a solo session. On the other end of things, the grooms getting ready shots and portraits can be done in roughly 30 minutes.

If you are opting for a first look, make sure you set aside 20 minutes for the photographer to capture these. Now, onto the main event! Set aside 30 minutes for couples portraits – either before or after your ceremony. Gather your wedding party for another 30 minutes of photos. And finally, family photos can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes!

Cecilia + Nathaniel’s Seamless Wedding Day

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Cecilia and Nathaniel’s intimate backyard wedding day. They scheduled me for a few short house, but we efficiently captured the whole essence of their day! Since all preparations and events happened on the same property and everyone was punctual and ready when needed, we were able to maximize our time! Unlike weddings with numerous moving parts and location changes, this streamlined approach allowed us to encapsulate the day beautifully in a shorter timeframe.

Alyssa Flores | Santa Barbara Wedding + Couples Photographer

Whether opting for a full-day package or a shorter timeframe, understanding wedding timelines is vital when hiring a wedding photographer! It’s not just about the quantity of time but the quality of moments captured within that time. If you are looking for someone to capture your wedding day in an efficient manner, look no further! Head over to my contact page to hire me to capture your Santa Barbara wedding day!