Why You Should Have a Wedding Dress Practice Before Your Big Day

Your wedding day is such a memorable time and one of the stars of the show is your wedding dress! One huge tip I have for my brides is consider doing a wedding dress practice run before hand. Trying on the dress beforehand is like getting a sneak peak into your fairytale moment! Plus, it’s your chance to make sure everything fits flawlessly before your big day. Here are some of my top reasons why you should consider a wedding dress trial run!

Bustling Practice

Imagine getting ready to hit the dance floor and let loose after a full day of celebrating, but your train has a mind of it’s own! That is where the bustle comes in. It’s the magic that keeps your dress looking pristine while you dance the night away. Schedule a moment for your wedding planner or maid of honor to work their magic and make sure your bustle works just right. By testing this before your big day, you can make any alterations that the bustle may need to keep it up perfectly.

Stress Free Dressing

Your wedding day shouldn’t cause you stress and anxiety. You should be soaking in every magical moment with pure bliss! That is why a wedding dress practice run is key here. Practicing putting on your dress prior ensures that when the big day comes, there is no last-minute panic or wardrobe malfunctions! You’ll slip into your gown seamlessly like a pro with grace and confidence.

Perfecting your Look

Your wedding dress is more than just fabric and lace, it’s a reflection of your personal style and wedding vision! By practicing putting on your dress, you have the chance to fine-tune every detail. From the way it drapes, to how it accentuates any and all curves. It’s like a dress rehearsal for your bridal beauty!

Team Bride Bonding

Getting into your wedding dress can be a real team effort. From zippers to buttons, corsets to bustles, having your wedding squad by your side is an absolute must. By having a trial run of your dress prior to your wedding day, you’ll strengthen those bridal bonds and create memories with your whole crew! Plus – who doesn’t love a dress up party!

Time Management

Your wedding day timeline is carefully put together, and every minute counts. By practicing putting on your dress, you’ll steam-line that process and ensure everything stays on schedule! No last-minute rushes or frantic searches for missing accessories. You’ll know exactly how your dress goes together to ensure a smooth sailing wedding morning!

Alyssa Flores | Santa Barbara Wedding + Couples Photographer

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